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If you require a on-site/off-site consultation or quote regarding any of our services, then we can take care of that.

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Repairs and Servicing

We are able to determine the issue or issues and provide a resolution that results in a better experience without costing a bomb-shell.

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24/7 Support Available

We do offer after-hours 24/7 support to both domestic and business customers on prior arrangement.

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Welcome To ABS ComTech

We have been successfully running our IT and Communications business since 2009. We cover all things to do with Computing, Technology and Telecommunications. Having a strong and broad scope allows us to have no equals in the region but also allows us to deliver a full package.

Consultations & Estimates

If you require a consultation or quote regarding either custom Computers / Workstations / Servers, then we can take care of that. Same goes for other aspects like Business or Home Networking and its implementation.

Computer servicing and repairs

This is a service that all should make use of. IT&T Systems are like a car, they need regular servicing to keep them running smoothly. This covers both the operating system as well as the physical systems, no point in having the Operating Systems happy if the case is choked with dust or corrosion or things are a mess.

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There is no set period for servicing as there lots of factors to consider like the use of it, the location and type of system govern these requirements, we can advise on this as required. If your system is running slower than you would prefer or is suffering from other issues than these can be resolved through various means. We are able to determine the issue or issues and provide a resolution that results in a better experience without costing a bomb-shell. Remember, we fix anything and everything, even the ones “someone“ fixed first. This covers both software and hardware issues. Performance gains assured.

Services Offered To You

The product range that we have direct access to is basically anything you can find and more. We don’t run a shop-front of stock, we quickly order what the customer wants or needs when required. This helps keep the costs down for the customer and ensure that old stock is not an issue. We run a simple service where we can source items through our distributors with full warranty or we can source from online “e-tail” providers at the customer’s request.

24/7 support

We offer after-hours 24/7 support to both domestic and business customers on prior arrangement. We offer an after-hours service where if your business normally operates out of the normal 9-5, we can cater for your needs without the extra costs normally incurred from other providers. If you feel that you would prefer after hours works or support, then please feel free to drop us a line and see what we can do for you.

Home & Business Networking, including Supply or Installation and/or troubleshooting of Internet services:

We specialise in ALL forms of NBN services and can help deal with issues that can and do arise.

 We are able to help supply or service all forms of internet from NBN to Wireless Broadband (3G, 4G & Fixed Wireless) through to Fixed Wireless Broad Band in areas of Maryborough, Hervey Bay & Bundaberg. We also cater for networking requirements in both wired and wireless including wireless data-links or wide-area coverage from several megabit through to multi-gigabit. We also do support work for multiple ISP’s including IPTelco, Telstra, Optus as well as several other options. Try us for our ability to get better 3G/4G where previous thought impossible. Same goes with ADSL or NBN services, on most occasions, we are able to improve internet speeds and stability with nothing more than sorting out home/office cabling or hardware.

 If you thinking of going for a new service or upgrading from current service, feel free to have a chat with us about your options. We on many cases liaise with the various ISP’s to get the correct info and details to let you, the customer, make an informed decision. The same goes for wireless data-links. We are able to provide links to cater for any speeds (yes, even Gigabit+) and can achieve latencies comparable or lower than fibre-optic. These links can be as short as meters all the way through to over 100+KM

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Custom Computer, Workstation or Server builds including Gaming systems

As the title says, we are able to do complete ground-up builds to suit the customer’s needs without all the extra stuff or bloat that you don’t need or want. This also covers system upgrades to existing systems that either need a little more speed or storage space. Don’t forget the “Bling” either with just simple upgrades as a new case or so on. We cover is all forms of systems whether they be desktop, laptop, media centres through to servers and workstations. Other areas we cater for is all forms of cooling including air & water cooling as well as Phase-change & TEC setups.

Keep an eye out for our gaming rigs floating around at the LAN Parties that can be in either small, LAN party friendly small setups through monster systems. Media Storage servers are another key item that can be built to hold as many Terabytes as you need. We can also cater for BYO builds where you may choose to source hardware elsewhere and we provide a build, configuration and OS-load of systems. Please note that we DO NOT offer any warranty on hardware or systems supplied by third-parties as this is the responsibility of the owner/customer to deal with their sources or suppliers.

Rigging services for Towers, Buildings and any Working @ Heights

We have the tools and abilities to climb towers or buildings or tackle those jobs working at heights. This can be anything from servicing/installing equipment through to regular inspections.

Computers, Communications & Technology. Covering all things to do with Computing, Technology and Telecommunications.

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